Angela Fremont

The Chibok Project

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Angela Fremont

On April 14, 2014, 276 schoolgirls were taken from their boarding school in Chibok Nigeria by the Boko Haram. I was a schoolteacher at the time, and it struck me as very personal. The girls felt like my students. It was so sad and terrifying that I knew I would make art in response. Since that kidnapping I have completed 276 ceramic sculptures and 276 drawings of those sculptures as well as other works on paper and videos. This website is dedicated to bearing witness to those taken and to the global as well as local violence against women and girls.

The goals of the Chibok Project are

  • to raise funds for art making as a mode of healing in survivors of the ongoing trauma in Northeastern Nigeria and
  • to speak out about global and local domestic violence and human trafficking against women and girls

U.S. Domestic Violence statistics. Source: FEARLESS! of Orange and Sullivan Counties